Mediation Notary on the North Shore of Montréal

a) Family mediation

Separation is one of the most stressing events of life as an adult, but with family mediation you will be able to address issues such as the guardianship of your children, your financial responsibilities, the division of property and any other aspects that result from marriage or living together.

The aim of mediation is to restore a satisfactory degree of harmony between individuals and to allow both spouses to express their needs and concerns in order to identify common interests and to reach an agreement. In addition, family mediation is subsidised.

The Department of Justice of Quebec supports this initiative and allows all couples with dependent children to benefit from 5 hours of mediation services for free during an initial agreement and from 2.5 hours for a review of judgment or an agreement from previous mediation.


b) Small claims mediation

Mediation allows parties to submit their dispute to an impartial mediator. A mediator is a lawyer or notary accredited by their governing body. He or she helps the parties to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement, in accordance with the law. Mediation is a solution that is often very advantageous if compared to conventional trials.

It allows the parties to :

  • participate in a flexible and friendly process;
  • quickly reach a settlement;
  • avoid being imposed a decision;
  • maintain a better relationship.

If mediation is not successful, the dossier moves on as usual and is heard by a judge.


c) Civil, commercial and work mediation

Mediation is a voluntary and flexible process, which takes place in a private and confidential setting. A neutral and impartial individual, the mediator, helps the parties involved in a dispute to communicate, to try to solve their difficulties and to find by themselves a positive outcome of their disagreement.

The advantages of mediation :

  • Voluntary and free process
  • Safe and respectful setting
  • Flexibility, confidentiality
  • Possibility to be accompanied and to consult
  • A variety of possible outcomes
  • Preserved rights
  • Promptness and efficiency
  • Low-cost

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