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Mediation (family, small claims, civil, commercial, work)

Notary Eva DARAGHI provides you with her experience in family and civil mediation, commercial mediation and small claims.

Family mediation, the solution to amicably settle disputes

Following a separation, family mediation is an alternative that consists in finding an amicable agreement for the two parties. Ms Eva DARAGHI is aware of the lack of balance and emotional instability caused by a divorce, and her role is to stop all sources of dispute by proposing equitable solutions that are in line with the wishes of each party. Custody of children, financial responsibilities and the division of property are all areas with which Ms Eva DARAGHI deals with professionalism and impartiality. In addition to mediation, her mastery of property law allows her also to take care of your real estate transactions.

Ms Eva DARAGHI is member of the l’institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec

Médiation ( familiale, petites créances, civile, commerciale, au travail)Joliette
Médiation ( familiale, petites créances, civile, commerciale, au travail) Rive-Nord

All you need to know about civil and commercial mediation

Civil and commercial mediation is an option which aims to amicably settle conflicts between traders, companies and citizens. As a mediator, Ms Eva DARAGHI helps both parties to find a just and favourable solution.

Her strengths :

  • Confidentiality
  • Reactivity
  • Advice
  • Objectivity

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