Right of the Individual

Your notary practices the right of the individual, succession law, non-contentious matters (incapacity, guardianship, curatorship)...

During happy days, she also celebrates marriages and civil unions, both in her offices and all over Quebec!

Common-law partners protection

You have been in a common law relationship with a partner for many years? You have children born of this union? In order to protect you from disability, separation or death, the best solution is to sign a contract before a notary.

For example, signing a cohabitation contract will be used to predict the procedures and the division of property to be carried out upon separation.

Right of the Individual

Incapacity mandates

A mandate in case of incapacity is a document that protects you if you become incapacitated. The mandate designates someone who, according to your wishes, will take care of the decisions concerning your property and yourself. It is important to know that a will cannot in any way protect you in case of incapacity, and you must make sure that the mandate is clear and reflects your wishes.

The notary, during the meeting for the drafting of the mandate, will give you sound advice on the decisions to be taken concerning this possibility of incapacity, and will also help you not to forget anything.

Right of the Individual

Drafting of a will

Whether it be a simple will or a testamentary trust, there are a number of questions and choices that arise. Your notary will then guide you on the best choices or legal vehicles to protect your loved ones and your heritage.

The advantage of a testamentary trust is significant. It is the only type of will that does not need to be approved following the death of the individual. It represents an official act.

Right of the Individual

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