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Our Areas of expertise

  • Economic criminal law
  • Road Traffic Law
  • Council Business Law
  • general criminal law
  • Creation and management of legal structures
  • Management and wealth planning

Corporate Law

Notary Eva DARAGHI has extensive experience in corporate and business law.

Corporate law, the basis of the creation of your corporate

Notary Eva DARAGHI offers you a complete range of legal services in corporate law. Thanks also to her expertise in tax law, she will be able to guide you in all your projects: mergers and acquisitions of companies, protection of assets, update of the company's book, negotiations, etc.

Droit des Affaires Joliette
Droit des Affaires Rive-Nord

Ms Eva DARAGHI will take care of everything that is related to the corporate aspect of your business. She is a real legal adviser and will assist you as you go through the process of editing and drafting your legal documents and contracts. Furthermore, she will explain you all the advantages as well as the drawbacks of all the different legal forms.


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